year 5 _ the photographs of william halley mill

like a magnet, this goliath of a mill drew me in and around its decaying fabric of contrasting spaces. i wanted to present what i encountered in a way that conveyed, as close to, a true experience of exploring this structure. 

the camera became my tool for capturing my perceiving eye. the dark room became an extension of the mill; a place where its interior spaces took on a new form underneath the red light and slowly appear from a blank piece of paper. a place where its image was reproduced and distorted, and it could exist in the form it was captured in even if the structure met an unfortunate end.

below are the fruits of my efforts. 


these four images were taken using multiple exposures on one negative, proposing a method for creating new architectural experiences out of existing fabric. by layering space this way it allows for very little preconceptions of what forms are created.