year 4 _ warning, can cause hair loss

a postgraduate school of art in the ouseburn valley, newcastle. a project that after a year of recovering from producing the design i am beginning to appreciate much more than i expected.

vertical jungle _ the building climbs up/down, creating a shortcut from valley floor to the bridge above...we all love a shortcut 

sheep...why not? the art school pushes through the arches and stretches southward

deathly plummet _ on the bridge looking north east

the existing and new _ on the bridge looking south at the existing and proposed workshop sheds. i enjoy not seeing the tower from this view yet you are only meters from it.

plan _ i assume you know what is going on.

more plans _  floors 1 - 6

plan _ bridge level, where the gallery becomes the street 

section _ a view from the 7th to ground floor through stepping voids. the gallery runs between the studio spaces.

big ass section _ 1:50 

working drawings _ exploring spatial relationships, texture, light + structure in the gallery and studios. doing these drawings are worthy explorations in illustrating spaces i have in my head. pencil

working drawings _ as above...

idea drawing _ i tried to draw all my concepts in one drawing...its hard

glamour model _ a plan view, if it got built then this is what it would look like in google earth

open wide _ section through the model showing the continuous blue stair that you can walk on/in/around/under/???

side view _ street view???