Wednesday, 15 August 2012

formal resiliance #1

i drew this for the mat.zine submissions reminder for the theme resilience.

the idea behind the piece [and the cover piece, formal resilience #2] is the resilience of an architectural from, i.e the shape of buildings. the form that interests me is the pitched roof. its relationship to resilience is that the way we treat and use the form has had to adapt as time has progressed to justify its relevance/appropriateness. for example, black houses in scotland had pitched roofs to drain the water to the exterior edges of the house [and probably for other reasons too]. today, we have the technology so our houses don't require pitched roofs to shed water, yet the form is still exists. it's a strong symbol and seems to be engrained in, at least the west's, imagination as 'house'.

also, i like drawing pitched roofs...